Encouraging Positive Reviews

Positive reviews are needed to get the word out and continue to build on a reputation. It is known what the negative reviews can do to any business or individual. Positive reviews come from happy customers. How can a business obtain positive reviews? Should you ask for a review? What happens if a business has made a poor impression on a customer? There must be a place to begin. A great place to start is with resolution. If a customer has been bothered by something, resolve it. Resolve any and all issues first. Resolution will compensate for a bad impression. Every business can generate positive reviews and solicit positive feedback from happy customers. The following ideas will be useful in the obtaining of positive reviews. The positive will catch on. Incorporate the following ideas into your marketing strategy:

positive reviews

* you can start by requesting and asking for reviews; you do not need to specify that you would like good reviews. It will make sense, after a product or service has been delivered, to ask if they could provide a review on Yelp. If you tell your customers that all feedback is taken very seriously, this may prompt a good review

* make certain that your entire web presence attracts attention and stands apart from others; start this by finding good ways to engage your customers. There are numerous options with the use of social media platforms. Make certain that age appropriate methods are used to target and engage. Unique information and engagement methods will foster a “stand-out” presence for everyone

* what about the bad reviews? Do not hesitate to provide a quick response if you get a bad review. Do not get defensive. Resist the urge to fire back at anyone. This is especially true online. Resolve the problem by an honest examination of the complaint. It is a good idea to even thank you customers for the negative feedback and review. Every negative can then be turned into a positive. This will occur if all negative reviews are acknowledged and responded to

* reach out fast and in a direct manner; the negative review requires a fast and direct approach. Your customers will feel validated if you reach out to them and try to satisfy them. They will appreciate being part of the business. They will feel included if you directly resolve and reach out to them after a negative review. Even positive reviews warrant a business to reach out and acknowledge

* set a goal for reviews; the more the merrier. Strive to exceed your own review expectations. Set a realistic goal for reviews. Keep in mind that complaints will also creep in. Challenge everyone involved in your business to obtain at least four reviews. A reward would not be out of the question for reaching a review goal. The more reviews a business gets, the more it will get attention and stand out

positive review

* keep the entire review process simple; try adding a button feature. This could be the ‘offer feedback’ area or button. Keep a space available for their comments. A customer will be happy to include their feedback if it is simple to do. Simple and convenient is the key

A candid review is good for everyone and every business. Customer feedback will ensure that products and services are provided which will lead to satisfaction and your customers will feel valued.